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How can Quickbooks work for you?

Quickbooks is a tool, a very powerful one at that. And like most tools, how you use them can dramatically increase its value and productivity.

If you find yourself asking these questions, do not hesitate to call Colleen.

  • What is the unique nature of your business (customer base, transaction volume, inventory issues, if any)?
  • What are your goals for your business and how are you using (or considering using) QuickBooks® software to support the process?
  • What reports do you need to see in order to make better business decisions?
  • What version of QuickBooks® are you using, and how QuickBooks® can be installed, upgraded and/or configured to better meet your business needs.

Key Accounting can help with an affordable plan for staff training, clean up and insure your records are up to date and ready for year-end tax preparation, third party lender financials. Colleen at Key Accounting can provide you, the business owner, with peace of mind that your cash, debt and inventory are consistently up to date, well-managed, with the reports you need at your fingertips to better run your business.